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When searching, the buyer most often sorts offers in ascending price order

Put yourself in the buyer's shoes. What would you do if the portal search engine returned a list of 30 objects for purchase in a certain area? That's right - applied sorting. As a rule, the buyer sorts objects according to the ratio between price and area. And then draws attention to cute photos .

The buyer, like any biological organism, tends to minimize entropy. Our brain works in such a way as to protect us from heavy mental stress. As soon as you have to analyze a tedious list of 30 objects, the brain tries to get you to fall into a trap. “Take the most beautiful object, the largest area, at the lowest price!” - so the brain of any person will command. That is why the sorting of objects is done from the cheapest to the most expensive, and then the most attractive objects are selected by photo. A little later I will explain about the preparation of the object and about the manipulation of photographs, but for now let's talk about the sales strategy.

No one has come up with anything more perfect than two types of auction sales. Yes! Two types! These are two different strategies. Attention! There are charlatan agents roaming the market who call the auction method the “English auction strategy”. Drive such idlers, because they do not understand that any sale of an object of an individual is already an auction.


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